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Since its inception in 2000, Panjab Radio is the number one go to radio station for the British Panjabi Community.

Founded by Surjit Singh Ghuman MBE as an outlet for his passion for radio and his desire to create a cohesive station to engage with the ever-growing British Panjabi population, it initially aired only on Sky TV.

As well as Sky Channel 0130, you can also listen to us on 558AM in London and the Home Counties, DAB in London, online via our website, Panjab Radio app, TuneIn radio app, voice activated speakers - Google Play and Alexa.

The station also airs in Oslo via DAB and has an established listenership worldwide, particularly in Canada and India, via our website and the Panjab Radio app.

Community is at the core of our programming. In addition to the closeness of all those who are involved with working at the station, Panjab Radio is proud to act as a virtual gathering point for the UK’s Panjabi community, which is expected to be in excess of one million strong by the end of 2021.

As this community has grown, the station has grown alongside it, very much adapting to the demands and changes of the modern world. This is not only evident in terms of accessibility and technology, but also in how we have catered to the needs of a widespread community, without losing the personality and human touch that can easily be lost, when a station increases in size.

A sense of variety is fundamental to our programming. Gurbani Programmes, aired twice daily, are an essential way of ensuring that the traditional aspects of Panjabi culture are maintained by the station. This programme involves the teachings of the Sikh Gurus from our living Guru, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which are an integral part of Sikh tradition. Hosted by Dr. Gurdeep Singh from Monday-Saturday, with Hukamnama directly from Darbar Sahib in Amritsar included in these programmes, our Gurbani Programmes are a fantastic way of reaching out to the Panjabi community, giving them an opportunity to keep in touch with their culture, traditions and religion.

The roots of Panjabi culture are also demonstrated through our playing of traditional Panjabi folk music and Bhangra.

Bhangra is the most recognized form of Panjabi music and since the 1980’s has increased in popularity amongst all age groups and cultures to the extent that it has crossed over into mainstream music.

Interviews with both the biggest Bhangra artists and emerging talent feature on a regular basis, Gippy Grewal, Ammy Virk, Pr33t Music and Nobby Singh to name a few.

The Panjab Radio news service offers both UK national news hourly as well as international news, which is broadcast in Panjabi.

Alongside this, there are daily shows based on lifestyle topics – such as health, cooking, fashion and family values - which give the station a modern edge to work alongside the traditional nature of the Gurbani Programmes, as well as a highly informative weekly immigration advice programme hosted by Surjit Singh Ghuman MBE and Gurpal Oppal.

Monty Panesar, the first Sikh cricketer to play for England, hosts a Saturday afternoon show and has featured guests such as Andrew Flintoff, Lord Rami Ranger CBE, Nina Wadia OBE and Apache Indian BEM.

From our wide reach, to our incredibly varied content, Panjab Radio is a prime example of how powerful a radio station can be, and encapsulates the spirit of the worldwide Panjabi Community.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a high quality broadcast service that informs, entertains and actively represents and promotes the Panjabi language, heritage, culture, traditions, music and artists, acting as an agent of cohesion through which all Panjabis can unite and flourish.


What started off as a small dream broadcasting on DTV in 2000 is now one of the most popular radio stations in the UK. Panjab Radio is a medium through which the Panjabi community, home and away, can express their views and opinions, whilst keeping in touch with their culture and roots.

Career Vacancies

For anyone looking to work with Panjab Radio, whether it be admin work and/or radio presenting, please email Panjab Radio with your CV attached, to, or call 020 8848 8877 for further information.

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